“Ugh. what’s the annoying sound?  I’m trying to sleep. The alarm just went off. I could swear I just went to sleep. Seriously? Totally snoozing this. (My second alarm, the one I set up to be more obnoxious so I don’t end up being late is going off now). Can I just… not go.”

It’s all good. Another day, another dollar, right?

Your job is starting to feel a bit like a recurring hangover. Possibly because you did indeed drink a bit too much last night, but also because you are inevitably sobering up from the initial high that this company gave you.

In the beginning it was all good. Hey, their break room is basically a full-on entertainment area. It looks like people have fun in there. They’ve got lots of coffee. Coffee is good. Admittedly, the job DID represent some of the stuff you’re kind of good at and into.

But, what about that vague and generic mission statement? Maybe this is just what corporate America is like; maybe you shouldn’t ask questions.

Deep in your psyche, you can just sense something isn’t right. You don’t really feel like you belong there, but the thing is… they pay you. Gotta be responsible, right? But, the paychecks aren’t really putting a big smile on your face anymore. They’re more like something that just happens. Now, you just can’t wait for the weekend so you can be yourself again. TGIF.

Better make the weekend epic.

You ever space out staring at your monitor? Why do you have 10 tabs open right now? What are they about? You don’t really care. Don’t worry, nobody really cares. Oh nice, you just got a new email. How exciting! Oh, it’s more uninspiring work. Okay, alright focus because all this stuff is important for the company in some way, it’s gotta be.

What about you though? Does it feel important to you? Eh, whatever. Gotta do what you gotta do.

Shit, the boss is walking over, close that Facebook tab. Put away that phone with the chat conversations you’ve been having throughout the day. “Hey boss, yeah just working on a, b, and c to make sure x, y, and z are nicely done. You proud?”

The thing is, your boss just came by to tell you how to do your job in a condescending way, again. Do it his/her way, and you’ll get a sticker or some other lame reward. If it doesn’t get done right (his/her way)…your boss will get annoyed, and your boss will let you know it. It almost feels like you’re a kid who can’t be trusted to make your own decisions when you know damn well that you have valuable input that could improve the company.

After your lame boss walks away, you sneak a peek at the clock hoping it’s time to go home. You think an hour’s gone by, but just to double che.. Great… 13 minutes and 34 seconds. Maybe go grab a coffee. That’ll make the time pass a little faster, which also means you’ll have to use the restroom soon enough. Sweet! Heck, you might even pick up smoking just get a break from the gossip and political maneuvers festering around the office.

Have you ever thought to yourself? “I can’t be myself at work. I have to be super careful about everything I say because apparently communication among co-workers is supposed to be as flat as possible. Fine, I’ll just fake my smile and get along.”

How about those meetings though? Hey, let’s have a meeting to discuss what we’ll be doing until the next meeting so we can have another meeting about the last meeting and then maybe… just maybe make a decision about something.

You might tell your friends and yourself “God, I hate this.” Yet, you keep going back. You keep putting up with it. You’re worried about making that cash and paying that rent, but let’s face it. The definition of insanity = Doing something over and over expecting a different result.

You know you want more out of life, and you know you have more to offer. You’re not appreciated for all that you are. Nobody really gets you or what you bring to the table. All the while all the higher ups tells you to settle down, to get with the program or be more “realistic.” You tell them. “I’ve got ideas that can transform the way we do things.” They don’t get it. Whatevs.

Can you imagine yourself doing what you’re doing now for the next two years?

What about five years?

What about ten years?

It’s time to rethink how you spend the majority of your waking hours if you answer yes to any of these questions…

  • Do you find it harder and harder to get out of bed every morning?
  • Do you find yourself drifting or dozing off constantly?
  • Do you find yourself counting down the hours at work?
  • Do you find yourself on Facebook or other social sites constantly?
  • Do you find your colleagues and manager less and less tolerable?
  • Do you ever wonder to yourself “what am I doing here?”?
  • Do you find yourself jumping at the chance of getting out of your work station? (bathroom, smoke, errands, snacks)
  • Do you find yourself complaining about situations happening at work more frequently than not?

This is NOT the kind of company that will take you where you want to go. It’s just not the right platform to make you feel like a passionate, fulfilled, and truly productive and valuable member of society. There must be more.

Life is short, and you can’t afford to settle for a “successful resume.” You need to get yourself in an environment that makes you come alive. It’s time to wake up, time to go after your ideal work environment, and it’s time to take charge of your life. You know you deserve it.