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Noble Warrior Podcast

Noble Warrior is the show where exemplary men inquire about and discuss what it takes to be the greatest versions of themselves in modern times. Host CK Lin and his inspiring guests divulge their most powerful tools, strategies, and daily disciplines while taking progressively more challenging ancient warrior medicines such as hapé. (all safe, legal and non-psychoactive).


Noble Warrior Facebook Group

If you want to come hang out with fellow Noble Warriors, join our Facebook community where we have regular hangouts to encourage, inspire, and support each other along our journeys.. This is also where fellow Noble Warriors exchange their most powerful tools, strategies, and daily disciplines with our community.


Let’s Create Something Extraordinary Together

Tell me about your 2019 goals that you refuse to give up. If you’d like me to help you develop, launch, or scale your business, contact me directly for private consulting opportunities to see if any spots are available.