Most entrepreneurs try to “hire” their way to a scalable organization.

Whatever state your organization is in will only multiply when you scale your organization:

  • Any lack of clarity from you and your executives

  • Any day-to-day frictions between executives

  • Any inefficient processes and operations

  • Any day-to-day morale rollercoasters

  • Any recurring “fires” or reactive chaos

  • Any time-wasters

Without the proper culture and environment, adding more people to your organization will only sabotage your growth trajectory.

But there’s an alternative.

If I offered to help you build a scalable culture, including:

  • Each of the executive team members aligned on what’s culturally important (company purpose, mission, and values)

  • Each employee aligning his/her intrinsic interests with the organization’s interests

  • A customized cultural framework to help you focus on what’s mission-critical and avoid the random breakdowns that sabotage most startups

  • People-oriented tactics that support your company purpose AND optimal growth

  • Optimized operational processes that minimize tailspinning, time waste, communication inefficiency, and redundancies

  • Unique company rituals that’ll help you reinforce your company core values and grow new cultural champions to scale your company culture so that the you and your executives can get out of useless meetings and endless emails (and get back to leadership responsibilities)

...would you take me up on it?


Ross McCray (Co-Founder of VideoAmp)(0 to 9-figure in less than 5 years): “I couldn’t have built this company without CK. His facilitated conversations changed my life. I feel unstoppable.”

Suren Avunjian (Founder of LigoLab)(8-figure enterprise software company): “Our founding team worked under CK's guidance to discover our company's true purpose, our why, our how, and our what. It was incredible how CK ran us through exploratory exercises to introspect and discover our personal purpose and find areas where it intersected with our venture and other co-founders. We couldn't have done this without CK's help in such an efficient and effective manner.”

Dylan Watkins (Founder of RealitySmash)(VR tech startup): “I was clear about my company’s WHAT and HOW. Through this experience, our purpose (the WHY) - that was right in front of me all along - became abundantly clear to me. Now we have effectively a North Star to guide our founding team as we scale our company.”

Danny Deng (Founder of Tai Group)(700-person Chinese crypto company): “CK led our end of the year quarterly discussions and has inspired the attendees of Tai Group to optimize their managerial responsibilities.”


  • To define the bigger vision that’ll inspire high-caliber talents and like-minded individuals to join your organization

  • To define the core values and behaviors to attract the “right” talent for your mission

  • To share the decision framework so each employee can learn to make the correct decisions without having to bother leaders with trivial requests

  • To have unique company practices to reinforce your company values and culture and cultivate future culture champions

  • To enhance operational and communication efficiency without sacrificing the company vision

These clients’ results are totally achievable. You just need the right framework for your company and the right sequence.

However, this is customized work, and I only have space to take on one more qualified partner before the end of the quarter.

If you think you’re the right fit...get on my calendar here: