CK Lin
I help high performers master themselves, scale empires, & live meaningful lives.

I am passionate about coaching high performers to reach the next level. The combination of my purpose-driven philosophy, modern scientific training, and in depth studies of ancient techniques gives me an unique approaches that accelerate your inner and outer success.

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  • CK is one of the most resourceful, supportive and persistent entrepreneurs I’ve had the opportunity to meet. I’ve learned a great deal from him. He’s always sending me links of the latest trends related to my company, good learning lessons & other entrepreneurial stories worth reading. He’s taken personal time to give feedback on our products and I’m always impressed by how methodical and process-oriented CK is in his thinking and work – he’s been a great support and friend!

    Jerry JaoRetention Science
  • CK was very generous with his time and strong with his advice. I’m a CEO of a startup and his insight has provided further clarity on the direction I will take with my company.

    Jamie WheelerFounder
  • CK is an expert when it comes to startups. He is always looking to help and takes into consideration everything from the broad picture to the smaller details. He is straightforward, frank, but also very sincere in his approach, which I find to be extremely beneficial. I have received much value from CK and look forward to our growing professional relationship.

    Michael SueokaFounder
  • C.K. is one of the smartest and most dedicated individuals I have the pleasure of knowing. He has the persistence to get things done, but also the necessary tact to make the experience smooth. He’s honest to a fault, pleasant, reliable, and trustworthy.

    Kia R. ZokaeiFounder
  • I have known CK since 2005 when we worked together at the Engineering Graduate Student Association at UCLA. I quickly learned that CK was passionate about sharing his ideas on entrepreneurship and business with other engineering graduate students. Not only did he share he also executed this vision by starting the TCA fellowship program where students were chosen based on applications to listen to start-up pitches at investor meetings. He has also kept in touch with the group at UCLA where he still offers great advice on how to manage and grow our membership through the web. I highly recommend CK. He is a joy to work with.

    Patrick SislianCo-Founder & CEO at Deton Corp
  • CK is an insightful and multi-skilled entrepreneur and innovation facilitator. He epitomizes a new form of internet entrepreneur who can address the real world problems through savvy social media marketing. I had the previlege of working with CK as a UC Discovery Fellow and he exhibited exceptional and open minded approach to innovations and collaboration process.

    Joon YouEntrepreneur
  • The opportunity to speak with CK about our program, including goals and desired connections, was an incredible resource for us. He was extremely considerate and timely in his communication and the conversation could not have been better. CK asked thoughtful questions to better understand our project and his advice was spot on. Additionally his graciousness in providing valuable introductions was a significant turning point in the development of the program. We owe a debt of gratitude to CK.

    Nicole Matter
  • In working with and knowing C.K. for many years, I’ve found his energy and positive attitude to be very uplifting and refreshing. When discussing ventures, his education and expertise is apparent, and he’s also quick to refer me to others, including many I’ve found to be of high caliber and very helpful. I highly recommend working with C.K. (or trying to pick him up as your consigliere).

    Bobby BrookeStevia First
  • There is just so much to say about C.K. He’s absolutely brilliant and will become a key player in today’s business development society. He’s a bright guy who has accomplished so much in his time and will not stop at that. He’s gifted, focused, and determined. He’s going to go far without a doubt.

    Mitch ThrowerFounder,