Peak Performance Coach & Business Strategist

CK empowers high-impact leaders break their self-imposed limits and achieve the seemingly impossible; his latest client grew an idea into a company worth $300M in valuation in less than 5 years. The combination of his scientific training, eastern philosophy, and multi-disciplinary approach will accelerate your path to success. He is the world’s foremost peak-performance coach in bridging practical business solutions with transformational experiences. CK has a Ph.D. in engineering from UCLA.


My Chinese name literally means “strong-will”. Early on in life, my parents taught me I could engineer my life any way I wanted to.

  • At 14, I persuaded my parents to let me pursue my American Dream in US by myself.

  • At 16, I started to compete in martial arts.

  • At 21, I received a full scholarship to join UCLA’s biomedical engineering Ph.D. program.

  • At 25, I sought out transformational programs to help me let early childhood traumas go so I could have greater freedom.

  • At 30, I met the Dalai Lama and he started my spiritual journey.

  • At 35, after a decade of transformational self-studies, I started to coach other leaders and entrepreneurs to produce extraordinary results in life and business.

The theme has always been engineering worthy challenges. I’ve studied engineering, psychology, leadership, neuroscience, and high performance for two decades now. I’ve read thousands of books, conducted hundreds of interviews, given tons of talks, and had world-class clients and mentors. All of these challenges have impacted how I engineer my environments, my relationships, my approaches, and my communities to push me to optimize my body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

While leaders and entrepreneurs strive to live more successful and fulfilling lives, many of them suffer alone. My purpose in life is to empower other Noble Warriors to get unstuck so that they can tap into their true potential and make the biggest impact possible.









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