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CK empowers leaders and entrepreneurs to achieve the seemingly impossible; his latest client grew an idea into a company worth $300M in valuation in less than 5 years. His clients include everyone from Nobel Laureates to fast-growing business organizations. He also curates meaningful discussions amongst industry transformers and leaders to develop and deepen relationships. The combination of his scientific training, eastern philosophy, and multi-disciplinary approach will accelerate your path to success. He is the world’s foremost peak-performance coach in bridging practical business solutions with transformational experiences. CK has a Ph.D. in engineering from UCLA.


My Chinese name literally means “strong-will”. Early on in life, my parents taught me I could engineer my life any way I wanted to.

  • At 14, I wanted to engineer an environment more conducive to science. So I persuaded my parents to let me come to the United States by myself.

  • At 16, I learned to engineer my body like Bruce Lee. So I started weightlifting and competing in the martial arts.

  • At 21, I set out to engineer my mind to be an authority in biomedical engineering. I soon became one of the youngest biomedical engineering Ph.D. recipients at UCLA.

  • At 25, I set out to be more connected with my emotions. Through Socratic inquiries, I was able to let some early childhood trauma go so I could have greater freedom and authentic expression in my life.

  • At 30, I met the Dalai Lama and he taught me by example - knowledge is not wisdom; applied knowledge is wisdom. He inspired me to understand the nature of my consciousness and kickstarted my spiritual journey.

  • At 35, after a decade of transformational self-studies, I started to share strategies and frameworks I’ve figured out with other entrepreneurs and leaders, balancing the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment. They too have gotten extraordinary results in their lives and businesses.

The theme has always been engineering worthy challenges. I’ve studied engineering, psychology, leadership, neuroscience, and high performance for two decades now. I’ve read thousands of books, conducted hundreds of interviews, given tons of talks, and had world-class clients and mentors. All of these challenges have impacted how I engineer my environments, my relationships, my approaches, and my communities to push me to optimize my body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

The world is changing rapidly. More technological breakthroughs will certainly bring new distractions and giant shifts into our lives and businesses. But I believe that struggle and suffering from all these changes are optional. Let’s follow our passion, learn from our mistakes, and engineer a life of mastery and meaning.

The key to living a great life is to live with passion in all aspects of life: growth, health, business, relationships, and contribution. Therefore, the purpose of everything I do is to empower leaders to raise their consciousness, reach their greatest potential, and catalyze the greatest work they do. My fellow Noble Warriors are the goal; they are the heroes. If all I have done is inspire one entrepreneur to pursue their passion and share their greatest gift with the world – simply because of one framework I made – then the day is good, life is good, and my life is blessed.

My coaching and mastermind curricula are what I wanted when I embarked on my own journey over a decade ago. It’s a curriculum designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs who are committed to facing their greatest challenges, unleashing their greatest potential, and engineering their greatest life. Some methodologies may be unconventional, but rest assured they are the most direct and effective path I’ve tested to deliver the greatest personal and professional transformation for my clients to thrive.









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