“With other facilitators, people may find a theme but they lack the tactics and precise vocabularies to implement after the ceremony. People who’ve gone through CK’s format will have greater clarity and clearer roadmap to change their day-to-day life. It has only been 7 days since our Mastermind, from our group we have so much positive feedback and interactions. We also have already empirical evidence how this mastermind impacted our bottom line as well.”

0 (1).jpeg

Ross McCray

Co-Founder of VideoAmp

“I couldn’t have built this company without CK. His consciousness-raising conversations changed my life. I feel unstoppable.”

Untitled design (2).jpg

Sur En

Co-Founder of LigoLab

“Our founding team worked closely with CK's guidance to discover our company's true purpose, our why, our how, and our what. It was incredible how CK ran us through exploratory exercises to introspect and discover our personal purpose and find areas where it intersected with our venture and other co-founders. CK also worked patiently with the remainder of our key team of 18 to independently derive the company purpose and define the company core values. We couldn't have done this without CK's help in such an efficient and effective manner.

Untitled design (6).jpg

Victor M.

Co-Founder of 7-Figure CPG Company

“Few things have happened after working with CK: 1) I had a spontaneous 30-minute moment with my son that normally wouldn’t have happened, 2)I took a look at our financials and found a hole in our variable shipping cost at 35% so I cut it by 20% (which will result in a $300K savings for our bottom line), 3) I had lunch with an old friend for 90 minutes, and 4) I saw my wife and went to movies. I see what’s possible to continually let go. I have found peace in the entrepreneurial journey.”

0 (2).jpeg

Dylan Watkins

Founder of RealitySmash

“I was clear about my company’s WHAT and HOW. Through this experience, our purpose (the WHY) I couldn’t see became abundantly clear to me. Now we have a clear North Star to guide our founding team as we scale our company.”

Untitled design (1).jpg

Justin Barr

Co-Founder of TapIt

“I had been on an emotional rollercoaster ride in the last few months. I expected to find some motivation and tools to help me perform better in my day-to-day. What I got was an entirely different new perspective on the path to my greatness - my relationships with those I closest to me: my family, my life, my business. I found an amazing perspective of who they see me as and who I need to be for them. I saw a lack of integrity from me of not giving them what they need. I realized that once I complete with them, I’ll have my full power. It’ll 10X everything I am doing. I am really grateful to be a part of this and for CK’s help to clarify my purpose and goals to get to the next level.”

Untitled design (7).jpg

Vadim E.

AdTech Engineer

“I got a very powerful tool during this challenging experience. I had access to my subconscious to understand how everything in my body connects and work together. I got clarity to what’s truly important to me: purpose, parents, relationships. I did a lot of pruning - bad habits like smoking or stupid habits I do mindlessly to escape like eating bad food. Time is limited and I should use my life wisely. Letting go of these parasitic habits allowed me to have more space to perform on a different level. Thanks for the opportunity. It was something else.”

0 (9).jpeg

Manu E.

Founder of a Silicon Valley startup

“I came here to find things that were holding me back(all the ways I sucked); instead, I found what I want to double down on. Do it for beauty; do it for others or don’t do it at all. This weekend has definitely changed me; I looked at death, integrity, playfulness. Truly incredible.”

E. B.

Sales Executive

“I realized I wouldn’t want to be anyone else. I am happy and grateful being me.i am happy with my soul, my heart, and my being. Who I am. I am a good human being. I am so grateful for this work to bring us back to what’s important. I get to focus on what’s important to me. I feel so rich. Truly affluent. More in alignment to my own purpose. I feel more uneasy around those who are NOT on the same path: business partners, friends.”

Untitled design (8).jpg

Tony B.

Founder of 7-Figure Agency

“When I first heard about this I know the big struggle my co-founder (who is also my wife) and I have working has been frustrating. I care about my wife but I also care about the business. How do I balance these things? We needed to get to a higher level of consciousness so we could truly communicate about some of these things. And after experiencing the mastermind, we were able to communicate at a level we would have never been able to before. Here are the key takeaways: we actually started to immediately implement some of these things (ie. responsibilities and boundaries) in our business and we were able to immediately see the effects. And it has only been a week in!”

Untitled design (8).jpg

John Le

Founder of FB Marketing Agency

“My intention was to achieve and obtain my full potential. I meditated on the suggestions based on the mastermind: who gave me the idea that I am lazy. I saw all the people who called me lazy and realized that it was their way of encouraging me and get me to stop my actions. Problem solved! And utter elation!  I was overwhelmed with joy and love. I can’t imagine a more thoughtful, mindful guidance, setup, and organization. I left this weekend with clear and concise instructions to lasting happiness. This weekend was truly life-changing.”


Founder of 7-Fig Business

“Prior to the journey, I had a rough couple of weeks emotionally. I started to resent my business. I was wind up too tight and I wasn’t living the kind of life I wanted. My body started to develop these weird tics and it was getting worse. Many many months ago, I took SSRIs to alleviate my OCD and this ceremony was my last resort before I go back to the pharmaceuticals. I can’t explain this but it was a demarcation of my life. Life post ceremony was amazing. It was completely different than what I expected. I like the fact that there were coaching and the mastermind aspect. I felt like I connected to nature and connected to god. It gave me what I needed and what I wanted to live a full life.”


Executive of Silicon Beach Startup

“I cleared out some DEEP MAJOR stuff (limiting beliefs, patterns running, agreements, fears) this week. Whew! I feel like a brand new man.”

“I let go of old patterns of insecurity and ignited new levels of passion and appreciation for my wife.”

Untitled design (5).jpg

Alex Tsatkin

Founder of a 7-figure e-commerce business

“It was a difficult year and kind of took the life out of everything. The sobriety and the struggle to follow the dieta was intense. I realized the struggle was all created inside me. I need to constantly remind myself not to fall asleep. I also realized that I enjoy the struggle, the chaos, the process. But it doesn’t have to be a struggle. The struggle is not real. I’ve been choosing it all along. I start to feel more synchronicity if I don’t fall asleep and stay awake. It’s good to pick the joy back into my life. I saw my true self and I feel like a kid again. Now I have a real clear picture of who I am.“

Untitled design (3).jpg

Anthony G.

Founder of Multiple 7-Figure Businesses

“I tend to put everyone else first so the void in me is never filled. I wanted to get my mojo and power back.

Since the mastermind, I realized that all of the problems I had was me whining. I do NOT have an emotional issue. They came from my own insecurity.

I now operate from a stronger power. Not douchebag. Not macho. Just strong. I know I am a good person. And I am ready to take action.  And I am ready to do whatever I need to do to put me in that state every day.”

Untitled design (4).jpg

Peter F.

Founder of Sales Agency

My mantra since the mastermind has been ‘focus on the flame.’ I really found myself to be much more in flow. I was able to take the edge off when things come up and I had to my way through a little bit whereas in the past it would have been a struggle. I very much felt ok and this is ok. And I am going to keep focusing on the flame. Keep moving forward and not allow the thoughts about this to overtake me. And my ENTIRE life those are practices I tried to put into place but this has been something that really took the edge off dealing with the stuff that came up and I was able to be in flow much more. That’s my experience so far.


Executive of Silicon Beach Startup

“I exited partnerships that were holding me back, and now my organization operates with more transparency and a whole new level of efficiency.”

“In business, I released the deep anger and regrets that didn’t serve me anymore and truly owned my leadership role for the first time ever. Now, I make decisions with ease and clarity, no matter what the circumstances are. I feel untouchable”


Kristofer Q.

Co-founder of a 7-figure CPG company

“I came into this weekend trying to see how I can grow my company and make a big impact. What I got was that there are a lot of personal things that were holding me back. Regarding leadership, I felt that I wasn’t able to connect with people on a personal level. I’ve learned how to allow people in. I got a lot of things about my relationships, especially my parents. I need to cherish them while they are here. Also, I realized that I am stronger than I sometimes believe. ‘I am a warrior; there are no limits. The sky is the limit. I am strong. I can figure it out.’